2019 Video Surveillance Survey: Campus Cameras More Popular Than Ever

Healthcare facilities, schools and institutions of higher education continue to embrace security cameras, according to CS’ latest research. This exclusive video surveillance study also covers system quality, coverage and maintenance, as well as the policies and procedures supporting this technology.

Video Surveillance Systems

More than 600 school, university and hospital protection professionals participated in the CS 2019 Video Surveillance Survey.

Previous studies conducted by Campus Safety magazine have found that video surveillance systems are extremely popular security solutions in our nation’s healthcare facilities, schools and institutions of higher education. According to CS’ 2016 Video Surveillance Survey, more than nine out of 10 K-12, hospital and higher education organizations have security cameras installed.

Some might argue that among their peers, CS’ audience members are leading adopters of security technology and that the nine-in-10 rate we found three years ago might be a bit high. Indeed, a 2015-16 National Center for Education Statistics study found that only 81% of K-12 campuses had cameras installed, compared to the 93% of CS school audience members. However, whether the percentage was 81% or 93% back then, the rate of adoption is still high and growing.

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