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Archive for January 2019

Partnership with Symantec

Symantec Registered Partner
Symantec Registered Partner

Why did Easy IT Support partner with Symantec? Because Symantec is a enterprise grade security for the masses. Cyber safety for consumers!

Cyber Security Exsperts

A patchwork of stand-alone security products from multiple vendors is simply too expensive, too complex, and, even worse, it’s proven to be ineffective.

As the world’s leading cyber security company, we deliver a better way forward:
it’s called Integrated Cyber Defense.

An open platform that seamlessly combines security solutions from Symantec and our technology partners into a single framework across devices, networks, cloud, and datacenter infrastructure.

Offering unparalleled

  • Threat Prevention
  • Detection
  • Incident Response
  • Managed Security Services

Integrated to reduce complexity for ease of use and lower costs.

SCAM THREAT: Computer ‘virus’ trick continues to target Spain

Computer Virus

SCAM THREAT: Computer ‘virus’ trick continues to target Spain

Computer Virus

FRAUDSTERS: Microsoft has confirmed this scam has been reported in 16 different countries.

A TELEPHONE scam by con artists purporting to be computer technicians continues to pose a threat in Spain.

The con, in which fraudsters call pretending to be from Microsoft before bullying their victims into allowing them access to their computer, has reportedly been ongoing for 16 years.

Computer-users are being warned scammers will claim a home computer has been infected with a virus before telling them to follow the caller’s instructions and click on a link they have send.

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