Computer Virus Attack

10 New malware attacks to be on the lookout for in 2019- and what you can do to protect your data!

malware attacks
malware attacks

Just when you thought you had all of your defenses in place when fighting Malware, Cyber Attacks, and Ransomware… think again! Cybercriminals are busy crafting new methods of attacks that are ready to take your data for prey and pounce on your personal information. Here are 10 new sneaky attacks to be on the look-out for in the new year!

  1. Rivaling governments and geopolitical cyber-warfare funding the efforts of cybercriminal gangs to create chaos, steal intellectual property, and profit from fraud and extortion by breaching personal data.
  2. New variants of ransomware (including doxware, which threatens to publish sensitive data like browsing histories unless a ransom is paid)
  3. Much more widespread use of cryptojacking (stealing computing resources to mine cryptocurrency without sharing the profits)
  4. More distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on critical servers and networks, abetted by the conscription of armies of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices
  5. Increasing use of fileless malware (which never becomes disk-resident, only loads directly into memory, and thus evades many signature-based endpoint anti-malware measures)
  6. More synergistic attacks (in which multiple malware attacks are injected onto a system and the poorest-defended one activated using AI and ML to improve attack techniques
  7. Continued reliance on phishing as the most effective attack vector for malware, with more sophisticated attacks targeted at higher-value individuals.
  8. Increasingly target cloud services and edge computing environments with malware attacks
  9. Enslave legions of IoT devices for use in DDoS and cryptojacking attacks
  10. Exploit the new attack surfaces and rich data targets presented by 5G networks and applications.

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SCAM THREAT: Computer ‘virus’ trick continues to target Spain

Computer Virus

SCAM THREAT: Computer ‘virus’ trick continues to target Spain

Computer Virus

FRAUDSTERS: Microsoft has confirmed this scam has been reported in 16 different countries.

A TELEPHONE scam by con artists purporting to be computer technicians continues to pose a threat in Spain.

The con, in which fraudsters call pretending to be from Microsoft before bullying their victims into allowing them access to their computer, has reportedly been ongoing for 16 years.

Computer-users are being warned scammers will claim a home computer has been infected with a virus before telling them to follow the caller’s instructions and click on a link they have send.

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Israel Mum About New Computer Virus Attack on Iran

New Computer Virus Attack on Iran
New Computer Virus Attack on Iran

Reports out of Iran indicate that a massive attack on Iranian infrastructure and strategic networks took place in the last few days by a computer virus even more powerful than the Stuxnet worm that wrought tremendous damage on Iran's nuclear program.

Israeli officials are refusing to discuss any role they had in unleashing the virus, which has been described as “more violent, more advanced and more sophisticated" than Stuxnet.


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